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July 2012 Photo Gallery

Lake Misurina

Cortina Valley

Rome Coliseum

Venice, Italy

July 2011 Photo Gallery

Rif. Fonda-Savio
7,765 ft.
Andrea and I headed to the rifugio

Rif. Aurenzo
7,611 ft

July 2010 Photo Gallery

July 2009 Photo Gallery
1. Cortina Valley, Mt.Sorapiss, Mt.Antelao
and the new via ferrata "Sci Club 18 al Falora"
( Most Difficult )

2. Trail from Passo di Giau to almost to
rifugio "Croda dal Lago and back to
Passo di Giau

 3. Trail from Lago di Misurina to rifugio
"Citta' di Carpi" to the snow field behind
 and back to Lago di Misurina

4. Trail to rifugio "Ra Stua" 5,473 ft. and
 back. A very beautiful trail to the rifugio.

5. Trail behind the Tofana Mountains,
a beautiful valley, climb to rifugio
Giussani, behind the snow field of Tofana di Rosses.

6. Trail to via ferrata Barbara with
 some avalanche damage and going under the waterfalls and snow drifts with my friends from Cortina

7. Bridge on the Cristallo Mountains,
photos of the Sorapiss and the Antelao.
Cortina day and night and the Antelao
 in the background.

8. Another day in the mountains around
the rifugio "citta di Carpi" with Andrea
and his friend.

9. My friends from the "CRODA cAFE'"
IN Cortina on the via ferrate Averau (EASY) Also the trail with Andrea to rifugio vallandro.

10. Andrea's Cellphone pictures
Tofana Di Mezzo- 10,640 FT

and other photos of interest.



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