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   John at Lake Braies

Our mission is the provide our clientèle with a world class climbing (Via Ferrata) and hiking experience in the Dolomite Mountains of Cortina Italy.

Our Secondary mission is to provide our clientèle with any small group activities which are consistent with the high alpine environment of Cortina.

Let me start by telling you about myself. I lived in Italy for more than 25 years, where I met and married my wife. We were married in a small church on a beautiful mountainside. Part of that time I was in the U.S. Air Force, stationed at Avaino Air Base. Leaving the military in January 1979, I was employed as a civilian and worked on the air base as a theater supervisor.

In January 1985, my wife and I opened a fast food restaurant near the air force base. This was the very first fast food drive-thru in Italy!

Another activity that I am very proud of is my participation in the 1989 and 1990 Marathons in Venice.

  John at the Rif Piz Fassa 10,345 ft.   John on the cable car platform


Most of my free time was spent in the Dolomite Mountains. I have tried my hand at free climbing as well as Via Ferrata and hiking many long mountain trails.

With years of mountaineering and the knowledge gained, as well as my love of the Dolomite Mountains, I conceived the idea of sharing them with other people who also love mountains and adventure. This is an escorted tour with a group of 3 to 8 people.

   On the top of Via Ferrate Vandelli

During the tour, there will be no early calls in the morning nor moving from hotel to hotel. You will not spend your mountain adventure vacation on a bus traveling on a busy highway. Our longest trip will be in a van or car for two and a half hours when we go to Austria. At Ferrate Tours we will never forget that this is your vacation. Many escorted tours are rigid, inflexible, and restricted but not Ferrate Tours.

Ferrate Tours is a one of a kind, combining a mountain adventure with day trips to Austria and Venice. The purpose of the various types of activity is to allow rest time from the physical endurance needed to climb Via Ferrate and long hikes.

I will be with you every day of your adventure in Italy. We will be filming your unique adventure each day with a digital movie camera.

The most memorable experiences will be hanging off the side of the mountain while attached to a wire ropes, walking across small wooden and cable bridges,

and ascending or descending the metallic ladders during your Via Ferrata Adventure.

To make sure that you will always have a way to remember your awesome days in the Dolomite Mountains in Cortina, Italy, you will receive a video film on your experiences.

It will be our pleasure to show you one of the most impressive places on earth. At Ferrate Tours we will strive to make this the best adventure of your life!

The start of Ferrata Costantini

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