small church at Lake Braies

Q: Is there any flexibility in the itineraries?
A: Yes (email or call for details)
Q: Can the itinerary be changed during the 8 day tour?
A: Yes (email or call for details)
Q: Does changing the itinerary result in a cost differential?
A: Yes, it may be a cost increase or a cost reduction.
Q: Can the tour be extended for an additional week?
A: Yes, the second week will have the same activities, but in a different location. Example: The Austrian and Venice days can be changed to other cities in Austria and Italy, for a small additional cost. An other example, you can have a free day to sightsee and shop in Cortina, for a small reduction in price.

Lake of Antorno (6,170 ft.)

Lake of Soropis (6,330 ft.)

Q: How large is the area of the Dolomite Mountain range?
A: It is an area 90 miles x 80 miles and is very unique to the Alpine Mountains of Europe.
Q: What is the highest mountain in the Dolomite range?
A: The Marmolada, a mountain glacier that is at an elevation of 10,964 ft.
Q: Can a climbing Via Ferrata of hiking day be substituted for a small walk or a mountain bike ride?
A: Yes (email or call for details)
Q: Can the Austrian or Venice day trips or both be substituted for another climb Via Ferrata or hike or a mountain bike ride?
A: Yes (email or call for details)

Lake Braies

Mt. Pelmo (10,400 ft.)

For any additional questions, please email or call me and these questions will be added to our list.

For me, it is so rewarding to share my passion for this beautiful place that will indeed touch all of your senses.

highest bathroom in the Dolomites

in training for winter!


stopped me for one minute


two per egg lift!


John eating the best strudel


gate just for hikers!

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